Special Digital Forensic System: VIDEOFOCUS PRO

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VideoFOCUS Pro is a comprehensive Video and Image Clarification Suite.

Built from its beginnings as a video forensics tool, VideoFOCUS provides powerful capabilities with evidentiary data integrity and resolution absolutely ensured. Unlike traditional timeline-based video editors, which often include extensive menus of features oriented toward commercial video production that would never be used in forensic video work, the intuitive user interface of VideoFOCUS makes it extremely fast and easy to use.
Key Benefits:

  • Intuitive user interface that is fast and efficient for video and imaging forensics
  • Import images, video,and audio from standard and proprietary file formats, plus analog sources
  • Automatically separate cameras and fields from multiplexed and/or interlaced video
  • Extract higher resolution still images from grainy video
  • Blur, sharpen, level adjust, stabilize, and crop images to enhance or redact features as desired
  • Assemble and export end-product videos, including titles
  • Organize and document your work with case management and audit trail

Key Features:

  • Direct import and export for many standard media file formats
  • High-resolution video capture from both proprietary video players and analog video
  • Audio capture via both the “What You Hear” and the system sound card interface
  • Demultiplex and Deinterlace functions to automatically separate cameras, fields, and different scenes
  • Object tracking and camera stabilization to reduce both motion and rotation of
    desired features
  • Sharpen and level-adjust functions to improve image clarity
  • Patented Super-Resolution filter to enable extraction of highquality still images from
    grainy or compressed video by combining the unique pixel information of a given
    scene across successive frames or fields
  • Intuitive, player-based cut, copy, and paste editing and titling to allow quick
    assembly of end-product videos for dissemination and presentation in court


Capture tool allows selected portion of proprietary video player to be captured at the displayed pixel resolution. Analog video can be captured uncompressed at full frame rate with supported hardware.

VideoFOCUS Pro provides powerful forensic video capabilities in a highly intuitive, efficient user interface. Most of the tools provide a media player interface that enables the user to see exactly what the tool is doing, as it does it. Wherever possible, “rendering” is performed in the background, at real-time or greater speed so that you don’t have to wait for it!
VideoFOCUS Pro Demultiplex tool 
Demultiplex tool automatically sorts individual cameras and scene changes into separate video sequences.

Deinterlace allows odd and even fields to be separated into individual frames to remove blurring due to movement.
Patented Super-Resolution process combines the pixel information across several successive images of the same scene to produce a higher resolution still image. Unlike simple frame averaging, this algorithm is able to tolerate minor movement between images and avoid blurring in many cases.


  • Cut, copy, and paste selected sections
  • Add and delete title screens


  • Crop, aspect correct, and rotate
  • Change speed by percentage, force specific frame rate, deinterlace, and field swap

Stabilize, Super-Resolution, Sharpen, Blur, Histogram, Equalize, Levels Adjust, Color and BW Convert.

Automatically separates an unlimited number of cameras and scenes into individual videos, based on image differences; time ordering retained with separated images to facilitate further manual ordering.


Supported Import File Formats:

  • Image: standard image formats (JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG, etc.)
  • Audio/Video: standard video file formats (AVI, MOV, WMV, ASF, MJPEG,
    MPEG, 3GP, etc.)

If audio present, it is imported along with the video.

Supported Export File Formats:

  • Image: JPG, TIF, or BMP
  • Audio/Video: AVI, MOV, or WMV

If audio present, it can optionally be exported to WAV as audio only.


  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional 32-bit
  • Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit
  • Windows 8 64-bit


It is critically important to ensure that the Hardware that Video Focus Pro Software is installed onto it capable of managing the latest High Definition or so called Mega Pixel CCTV footage.

This requires that the capturing hardware used is the Decklink Intensity Shuttle. Connected to the computer Workstation’s high speed USB 3 port this enables full HD to be transferred to the Workstation. The Workstation should have three internal Disks with disk 2 and 3 configured at the Motherboard BIOS as RAID 0.


Full Training and Certification can be fully customized for the End-User and usually takes place over 3-5 days. The actual time allocated should take into consideration the size of the class together with any language translation issues all of which tend to slow the course progress to some degree especially.


  • All original imported sessions and modified versions are retained in user-named case structure, which is a folder on the user-designated data drive
  • Every operation applied to the original imported session is recorded in an audit log file

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