Special Digital Forensic System: VOX TOOLS PRO

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VOX Tools Pro is an Advanced Forensic Audio Tool with advanced noise processing, speech enhancement and comprehensive speaker profiling.

The system is an all in one fully integrated forensic audio solution featuring advanced background noise removal and reduction with a highly sophisticated speaker identification and verification capability. All algorithms used in the management of audio and speech are of the highest quality.

All hardware signal and conversion equipment is fully optimized to be of the highest quality.

Noise removal and speech enhancement algorithms are smoothly integrated within powerful hardware to fast and highly efficient speaker identification and verification operational mode.

VOX Tools Pro is uniquely designed as a fully integrated system able to seamlessly manage all aspects of speech cleaning, voice enhancement and has fully integrated powerful speaker identification and verification capabilities.
Comprehensive Forensic Processing Features:

  • System runs on a sophisticated “special to type” 19 inch rack high powered workstation that is carefully tested & matched to all software applications and fully optimized for efficient multi-threaded acceleration of key software algorithms
  • High quality analogue to digital audio conversion system with mixing and speaker monitoring matched perfectly
  • Audio operating up to 24 bit /192 Khz with 64 bit floating point resolution capability
    Integrated & comprehensive audio editing & conversion capability across a wide range of audio formats
  • Cross match identifies a single speaker to multiple targets quickly and efficiently, able to further verify with great accuracy one to one speaker cases
  • Ability to jump quickly between different setups and work projects
  • Multiple language identification capability with smooth compatibility and easy integration of keyword spotting options
  • Capability to manage telecommunication noise problems including GSM
  • Match speaker levels within a conversation to be same levels
  • Language and gender separation capability with ability to search and split accordingly
  • Highly sophisticated adaptive filter technology employed
  • Smooth glitch free parametric equalization
  • Full signal analysis capability in time & frequency domains
  • Time spectrum and frequency spectral analysis modes
  • Speech enhancement to improve the intelligibility of the spoken word
  • Capability to comprehensively examine recording authenticity
  • Spectral editing of noise types such as coughs & telephone ringing noise
  • Comprehensive impulse noise removal including click, crackle and pop removal
  • Removal of hum and buzz distortion with associated harmonics using both manual and automatic modes
  • Selective close bandpass frequency removal
  • Intelligent broadband noise reduction without the need to manually select and create a background fingerprint
  • Full time stretching with pitch formant correction and preservation of the speaker formants
  • Integrated system audio checksum generation
  • Built in frequency domain editing with phasescope and wavescope
  • Integrated audio analysis tools including, loudness, average pitch, error, audio file comparator and 3D frequency
  • Motor type noise removal
  • Independent multi notch capability
  • Azimuth phase corrector
  • Signal peak clip repair




Farincorp Center
Jalan Sulaiman No.1
Kelurahan Sukabumi Utara
Kecamatan Kebon Jeruk
Jakarta Barat 11540, Indonesia

P: +62. 21.5366.3181, +62. 21.5366.0086
F: +62. 21.5366.3224

All aspects of the installation, commissioning & future warranty & support are undertaken by known expert forensic audio specialists with many years of experience in the field.


  • Full expert training in all aspects of the system from basic to advanced operation.
  • All training tailored to the exact needs of the agency & covering basic audio fundamentals on through to the operation of the system for use with advanced forensic noise processing, speech enhancement, speaker identification and verification.
  • All system support & training documentation supplied in both English & local language.

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