PT. Farin Industri Nusantara is a reputable company in Indonesia that operates in defence and military equipments with international standard. Our company has a complete production and research in the field of armouring materials safety equipment in Indonesia.

We have a wide network of distribution and states in several countries in Asia and Pacific both for local and export. PT. Farin Industri Nusantara has been trusted by several international principals and become their strategic partner for the Asia Pacific region.

With a long historical background, PT. Farin Industri Nusatara started as a home industry b y the name of CV. Fajar Indah whose existence has been almost 3 decades since 1970s and now it has changed to PT. Farin Industri Nusantara. Our company have gained a lot of trust particularly in Indonesia in supplying raw materials, armour need and other equipment for the Indonesian military and police force, governmental institutions, private agencies in Indonesia as well as other institutions in Asia and the Pacific.

PT. Farin Industri Nusantara will continually build its reputation and dedication through innovation in createing high quality defense products that will help Indonesia to become prominently influential in the global stage of defense marketplace.



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