Tactical Anti-riot Gear: TARG-5

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Armoguard Lite® Tactical Anti-riot Gear (T.A.R.G.) fifth generation with features:

  • Attachable/detachable collar padding
  • Shoulder protector panel
  • Upper-arm protector panel
  • Front body protector panel
  • Elbow pad panel
  • Lower arm protector panel
  • Groin vital protector panel
  • Hip protector panel
  • Knee pad protector panel
  • Shinbone protector panel
  • Ankle protector panel
  • Foot protector panel

This Tactical Anti-riot Gear (T.A.R.G.) comes with a Hybrid Anti-heat Interior Lined that consists of:

S.A.P.T.™S.A.P.T.™: interior lined self air pumping technology in an embossed nitrit foam rubber coils, purposely designed to release body heat and promotes a good air circulation.


product-vests-3dmesh3D Mesh: interior lined 3D Mesh designed to provide a cool and excellent air flow throughout the coil spring tunnels.



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