Sights: DAMΩN MR

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Night Vision Sight DAMΩN_MR


DAMΩN MR is a night sight designed to be mounted in front of magnified day optical sights providing night vision capabilities and target acquisition. It can also be used as a hand held observation device. It’s advanced optical design was optimized having in mind the close combat weapon applications thus, providing the best performance/weight ratio available on the market.

It is simple in operation with an ON/OFF/Manual Gain Control and Focus knobs ergonomically positioned at the rear of the device.

DAMΩN MR attaches to pica-tiny rails with a simple and quick single throw lever mounting. No removal of the day sight or any bore sighting is required thus, eye relief, shooting position and user’s muscle memory remain the same. An additional pica-tiny rail enables the installation of auxiliary equipment such as an IR illuminator etc.


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