Sights: Erebus

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Night Vision Sight Erebus


EREBUS is a Night Vision Clip-on Focal Sight for mounting on top of optical day sights and laser range finders to provide night vision capability. Featuring the biggest objective lens among the fielded night vision attachments it offers the highest possible recognition and identification rangers when attached to sniper rifle sights and laser range finders. With its 6.85-degree FOV, it is closer to the narrow FOV of most large magnification sights and a perfect match to the field of view of most laser range finders.

Due to its exact, factory set, 1X magnification, EREBUS mounts with special mounting brackets on LRFs and day sights without affecting their bore sighting settings. Reticle readings, eye relief distances and shooting/ observation practices remain the same as in day time.
For increased shooting accuracy, with the large magnification sights, the sight is offered in a FAB (Field Adjustable Bore-sight) version equipped with elevation and azimuth (EL/AZ) controls as well as with Manual Gain Control capability.


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